Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you tattoo people under 18? Nope. No amount of begging, negotiating or hissy fits will change the fact it’s the law. I also believe that if a parent’s consent can’t get their child booze from a bar, then it should be the same for tattoos and strip clubs.
  • Can I numb the area before getting tattooed? This is a case by case basis and you should always consult me prior to the appointment. If you’re getting a large and/or difficult tattoo in a very sensitive area I have no problems with certain numbing products being used. However the product must be approved by me prior to the day of the tattoo as some products (whilst they may numb the area just fine) can make the skin extremely tough resulting in the ink not going in properly and the tattoo healing terribly. There are specific numbing agents for tattoos and you can ask me what they are if it’s something you feel you may need.
  • Can I pay with eftpos? No, as cash rules everything around me.
  • Does it hurt? Yes… it’s a tattoo… But in my opinion it’s only a little bit of discomfort for something you will get to keep for the rest of your life. If your friends say that they don’t hurt, they’re lying to you and you need better friends.
  • Do you have designs available to choose from? I do indeed! If you wish to see what I’ve got available in terms of designs, feel free to ask. They’re always things that I would love turn into tattoos so chances are if you pick from what I’ve got you’ll probably make my day.
  • Will you copy the reference I provided exactly? Chances are you don’t have permission from the original artist or the reference you may have is someone else’s custom tattoo. So In both of those instances, I would draw a custom tattoo just for you.
  • Can I just walk in off the street and get tattooed? I love doing walk ins whenever I have the time. However, it’s generally better for you to book ahead a few weeks in advance to guarantee a spot.
  • Do I have to pay a deposit? Yes, I take a $100 deposit for all appointments. If you’re unable to pay it in person I can always forward on direct payment details to you.
  • Can you send me the design ahead of time? The way I work is very last minute. I do this so that people are able to book in straight away and not have to wait for me to get through a pile of draw ups first. This also limits the amount of time friends/family have to criticise YOUR tattoo and get into your head about what you want. When people book in I try to get as much information as possible to ensure that what I draw is exactly what you asked for. When you arrive to your appointment you will be presented with the design and if it needs any small adjustments I’m happy to amend them on the spot for you. I’m always more into the tattoo when it’s fresh in my mind and I’m excited about doing it. If I draw a design for someone and they wait 6-12 months to book it in the design feels stale to me and I’d probably end up redrawing it the night before or morning of anyway.
  • Do you do ‘after hours’ tattoos? No I do not. I’m sure your job has certain hours in which you operate and mine is no different. If your work hours clash with mine I’d suggest chucking a sickie, faking your own death or vaguely telling your boss that you have an appointment you have to go to (technically it’s not a lie).
  • Can I bring friends/family as moral support? I understand that getting tattooed can be scary for some people and why they would want to bring a friend. However depending on how busy the shop is determines whether we have room on the floor for extra persons. Generally I’m not a huge fan of people bringing a posse with them in order to snapchat/take photos of you “getting tatted” as it’s incredibly distracting/annoying and disruptive to what should be a very relaxed environment for the people working and the other clients. If you wish to bring one person, that’s cool and I’ll do my best to accommodate them provided there is space to do so. Please don’t bring a dickhead though.
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