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In October 2018 Michael got to work on creating a podcast which hosts a number of popular Australian tattooers in the hope of creating a discussion around motivation, perseverance, potential and mental health. The goal was to appeal to a broader audience than just their peers, and hopefully be relatable/applicable to anyone regardless of their occupation. In July 2019 the first episode aired and immediately started gaining momentum and over the course of 10 weeks, 10 unique and insightful episodes were produced for mass consumption.

There was the scope to potentially produce multiple seasons of the series (recorded in St Kilda’s iconic Hotel Esplanade) but after a few episodes Michael had a change of mind. Rather than churning out episode after episode, the concept of cutting it off neatly after the 10th would hopefully allow the stories, advice and messages to resonate clearer than if they all just got lost in the soup of an ongoing show. This project went from potentially being an alright series to a more succinct body of work.

Being a huge ambassador for challenging yourself and getting out of your comfort zone, this podcast was essentially a mission Michael had set for himself in order to learn and grow as a person inside and outside of tattooing. Especially not knowing the first thing about creating a podcast, it took months of preparation, collaboration and determination to create a legitimate end result that could stand on its own as something everyone could learn from by listening to.


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